"Sand" is a symbol of the innumerable multitude of all the Righteous - people who know, fulfill and proclaim God's Will, His Commandments.

"Sand" is a symbol of immeasurability, the multitude of followers of the true Faith of Abraham - the "Father of the Multitude" of peoples, who revealed from the beginning of history to different peoples the Will of the One God and passed this true Faith to the multitude of future generations.

Negative Meaning.

"Sand" is a symbol of innumerable people from different nations, who ignored, rejected, perverted God's Commandments, succumbed to temptations to commit violations of the Will of God and so became prisoners of the sinful demands of the flesh, various false beliefs, political ideologies, religious dogmas.

"Sand" is also a symbol of sinful thoughts, the ghostliness of the hopes of man, living contrary to the Will of God, an image of shakiness, precariousness, short-lived, fragile ideologies, beliefs of the people living in wickedness, iniquity.