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Словарь духовно-образного значения слов и изречений БиблииBible study convinces us that many of its foundational Revelations are expressed symbolically, in allegorical images and metaphors. The literal perception of many of her texts distorts their true meaning. 
The neglect of the spiritual-figurative meaning of the sayings of the Holy Scripture since the third century of the founding of Christianity has led to its division into various beliefs and confessions. 
Revealing the spiritual essence of the Biblical texts illuminates all aspects of the life of the people, reveals the truthful prophetic knowledge of events and phenomena, their development, gives a true assessment of the religious, socio-political and ideological processes taking place in the world.                               

       ("Therefore we also, since the day we heard [of this], have not ceased to pray for you and to ask that you be filled with the knowledge of his will, in all spiritual wisdom and understanding." Col.1:9)   

        Spiritual comprehension of the literal content of Biblical sayings expands and elevates religious faith, asserts the moral principles of unbelievers. Deepening the Faith, Hope and Love of a person on the correct understanding of the Holy Scripture - turns it into an unshakable stronghold of a truly spiritual worldview, capable of resisting lies, attacks of opponents of Truth, with all their godless philosophizing. The revelation of the inner, spiritual understanding of the Word of God is the way to comprehend the true knowledge of God. (… Those who follow this path, even inexperienced ones, will not get lost. Isa. 35: 8) 
The Dictionary explains the spiritual-figurative meaning of 130 Biblical words. It also explains 630 Bible passages in which these words appear. (The online edition of the Dictionary contains an explanation of 851 symbol words and 9282 texts in which these words are used.) 
The Dictionary also briefly reflects the spiritual research of previous and modern Bible scholars who stood in the way of revealing and affirming the allegorical, allegorical meaning of its texts and therefore the explanation of the texts of the Holy Scripture belongs not only to the compilers of the Dictionary. 
Unlike reference religious literature, reflecting the confession and dogma of any one denomination, this Dictionary contains the findings of Bible studies, independent of traditional theology, revealing the figurative and symbolic meaning of its texts. The proposed explanations of the words and sayings of the Holy Scriptures are presented without religious mysticism, based only on their literal perception and which, to one degree or another, is present in the interpretations of theologians of various Christian denominations. 
In addition to the Synodal translation of the Bible, the Dictionary also takes into account some other translations of it, explanations of some of the so-called. apocryphal texts that also confirm the spiritual significance of its content. 
The suggested meanings of the words and texts of the Bible do not exhaust the entire completeness of explanations of their spiritual-figurative meaning. 
The book will be useful for both religious ministers, religious scholars, teachers of theological disciplines, humanitarian faculties, educators, students, and a wide range of people who are interested in the spiritual-figurative meaning of the words and sayings of the Bible.